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Uniting high and low, Los Angeles Mystery Project (LAMP) gave oracular readings channeled from the Spirit of the City for a performance in early February at Human Resources. Giving the readings from a model of City Hall made out of cardboard, the structure called to mind both the city's supreme authorities, and the outcasts who construct their own cardboard homes just a few blocks away on Skid Row. Inside the structure, Our Lady of Mysteries channeled the Spirit of Los Angeles; through her, participants could receive oracular readings from the City Herself. To receive the reading, participants had to kneel and enter the structure on all fours in a position of vulnerability and supplication. However, the Oracle later said that it was she who felt humbled and privileged to hear the heartfelt anxieties, questions, and aspirations of the Angelinos in attendance. The Oracle was delighted by the enthusiasm of the participants, and says the Spirit of the City has blessings in store for each and every one.

Taking place in early February, the event was curated by Brian Getnick, the editor of the biannual Los Angeles performance art journal Native Strategies. Recognizing a powerful trend within the Los Angeles art community towards investigations of the sacred, deconstructions of the New Age, and explorations of the occult, Native Strategies brought together a series of artists whose works explore those areas for a two day performance block to coincide with the Los Angeles Art Book fair taking place at MOCA during that same period. The event, called Rituals and Congregations, supported the release of the 5th iteration of the journal, which includes interviews with some of the same artists and reviews of their work.

Other artists who participated in the event:
*Samuel White with Johanna Kozma and Clay Gibson: "Johanna"
*Jane Brucker with cellist Mary Beth Bolin: “UNRAVEL 2009-present”
*Guru Rugu: "A Brief Invocation by Guru Rugu"
*Alexa Weir: “An Experiment in the Embodiment of Archetypal Energies”
*Rafa Esparza: “First son of a nation”

To find out more about Native Strategies and the other artists who participated, click here.

Here’s a review by the stellar performance art blog Another Righteous Transfer.

Also, check out the write up in the LA Weekly.
City Speaks - Oracle Booth with Shadow

Photo by Jade Chang. 2/1/13.
Opening Night

LAMP Oracle booth and Jane Brucker’s video in the background. The thrice great Guru Rugu speaks on the loud speaker. Photo by Jade Chang. 2/1/13.
Happening Magic: The City Speaks - City Hall

For Native Strategies: Rituals and Congregations. LAMP Oracle booth. Photo by Jade Chang. 2/1/13.
Visitors about to consult the Oracle.

Jane Brucker’s video in background. LAMP Oracle booth in foreground. February 1, 2013 Photo by Jade Chang.
A consultation with the Oracle of the City of Los Angeles.

Photo by Jade Chang. 2/1/13.
City Speaks - Consulting the Oracle

Photo by Jade Chang. 2/1/13.
The City Speaks program notes.
Native Strategies Poster

Poster for Native Strategies. Photo by Jade Chang.